Collection: IOR Scopes

IOR Scopes - the most affordable premium scope brand 

IOR (Industria Optică Română), founded in 1936, is a renowned company for producing high-quality optical and electronic equipment. IOR offers high-precision scopes, recognized for their durability and performance. Utilizing 35mm and 40mm diameter tubes, the company has introduced industry firsts, such as the 6x Zoom Multiplier in the 35mm tube tactical scope system (1.5-8x26, 2-12x32, and 3-18x42), the first-ever 40mm tube riflescope in 2004, the first 7x zoom scope (4-28x56 40mm) in 2007, and the first-ever 10x zoom scope (1-10x26 35mm). All products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Romania, Europe, under the same roof, ensuring original design and superior quality.